About Us

OH MY MILLETS - is a humble brain child of Ask Nurti Foods, where we aim to make yummy millet food products and bring them to door step. We use 100% natural zero chemical and ethically sourced raw materials in our production. 

We use reusable & recyclable packaging material to avoid as much plastic as we can to make sure our products, do not leave any harmful residue when disposed. Our efforts are only to make this the most eco friendly and sustainable project.

Vision Statement:

To build a healthy community by providing naturally available superfoods and time tested ancient recipes.

Mission Statement:

  • To research, innovate, and produce yummy and tasty millet food products, that are easy to consume as a regular diet
  • To educate, encourage and empower Millet Growers.
  • To reach out 2000 families by 2025
  • To bring in collaboration with various organization with our concept


Oh my millets

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