• Why Millets?

    Millets are called superfoods because of the numerous health benefits they offer. They are great to aid weight loss, lower blood sugar levels of an individual, prevent cardiovascular diseases along with enhancing immunity. A well planned millet and plant based diet can keep one's body in optimum condition for a longer lifespan.

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  • Palm Jaggery

    Palm jaggery is an excellent alternative for Sugar, Jaggery and other artificial sweeteners. It is processed without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Hence, it is a healthy and natural sweetener. It is prepared from palm tree extract and is loaded with minerals and vitamins.

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  • Our Specialty

    We have engineered a unique way to blend the millets, palm jaggery and many other natural ingredients into nutrition filled sweets/energy bars/Milkshakes/ready-to-eat foods. Explore our wide range of products.


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Oh My millets is an initiative of Ask Nutri foods! We aim to make yummy and tasty food products using millets – the new super food. Our products are made by food experts, who have decades of experience in making these specialty items.

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