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Siri Malt - Barnyard Millet

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Siri Malt is a unique concept of scientifically inducing millets to your regular diet to get benefited of these super food grains. With extensive research and experiments we are offering you this malt powder, consisting Single Millet and Single pulse. ­We recommend you to take all 5 variants and consume each for two days in routine. This has proved to be more effective than multi-millet/grain diet. Each millet aims to treat specific lifestyle disorder. Regular consumption conditions your body to function in its optimum level. Here is your opportunity to take full control of your body for a healthy and long lasting life.

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Ingredients  Quantity
Barnyard Millet 85%
Black Chickpeas 14%
Spices 1%


How to Consume?

1) Add 30g for Siri Malt to 200ml of Water
2) Stir well and cook for 3-5 min. Add jaggery/sugar to taste
3) Enjoy your mug of health booster

We encourage you to also check our next step experiments, only to make it more fun and enjoyable food.
- Try it with milk and honey.
- Make the consistency thick and add dry fruits and berries.
- Mix the Siri Malt with Butter milk and adda pinch of salt and pepper.

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